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Can I install Betfilter on my Android Phone?

Sorry, current we do not have an Android version. We are however developing one, that will soon be available.

What Operating Systems and Devices does Betfilter work on?

Betfilter currently works on: Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 10 Mac OS X EL Capitan Mac OS X Sierra iOS (BF Browser) In the near future we will release a new version for Android.

Why buy and use Betfilter?

You should purchase and install Betfilter if you have online gambling problems and would like to prevent yourself or e.g. a family member from gambling online. You should also consider buying Betfilter if you are a parent, a company or a public institution. Online Gambling is a very wide spread problem and can be found [...]

Betfilter for iOS is here!

After a very long development period, we are finally ready with a Betfilter version for iOS (iPhones and iPads). The new version named BF Browser can be found in iTunes. (Click here for iTunes Preview) NOTE: Once installed, please follow the Installation Instructions to ensure full protection from Online Gambling on your iPhone and iPad. [...]

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